METROPOLIS II Hot Wheels Kinetic Exhibit at LACMA

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Not sure if I shared before, but after a brief membership hiatus from LACMA, we renewed our membership as part of my birthday gift.

What can I say, I prefer couples gifts and things that I can do together with my hubby.

Any who, completely unplanned, but we discovered the Metropolis II Hot Wheels Kinetic Exhibit during our last visit...and I couldn't resist taping a small show-and-tell video.

Both my hubby and I found the exhibit intense, creative, and entertaining...So much so that we couldn't resist walking around all sides, and of course, taping from all angles.

Ana Lydia

Whale Watching in Long Beach with Harbor Cruises

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thank you to Harbor Cruises for inviting my hubby and me to celebrate my birthday!

When my hubby asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday this year, I told him I wanted to see whales to try out my new camera lens.

Where can you see whales? Actually, not that far from where we live: Long Beach Harbor.

Highly recommended by a photographer friend, we picked Harbor Breeze Cruises because of their experience providing whale watching cruises in Long Beach for over 18 years. 

Although not guaranteed because animals are unpredictable, we saw several gray whales, dolphins, sea lions, and lots and lots of about picking the right tour!

Our tour boat was a double-deck 65 foot, 149 passenger vessel, which provided ample space to meander and relax as we got out into the ocean. 

While Frank mostly chatted with midwest tourists on the outdoor seating area and enjoyed the snacks he bought at the snack bar, I walked around the outside viewing area to get a full view of the ocean in the hopes I would see a whale... 

The tour operator was great and would call out when a whale, dolphin, or any other marine animal was in sight to prepare our cameras....and boy was that awesome!

Coincidently I connected with a professional photographer that takes the tour every month. So while she was shooting on her pro camera, she would turn to me to give me tips.  

Call it my birthday field trip!

I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday because I got the gift I wanted: I SAW WHALES and was able to immortalize the moment by getting my most sought-after me-gift: PHOTOS!

These are a a few photos of the last whale we saw during our tour:

Harbor Breeze Cruises is located in Rainbow Harbor adjacent to the Aquarium of the Pacific at Dock #2. Exit the 710 South, follow the signs to the aquarium. [click for directions]

The two-hour tour Whale and Dolphin Tour, which typically runs November through April 30 was $35. Harbor Cruises offers seniors discounted tickets for only $30; while tickets for Children 11 and under is $25, and children two and under can ride for free.

Ana Lydia

Princess Maya wishes you a Happy National Puppy Day

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

From my little family to yours, wishing you a National Puppy Day filled with wet kisses and lotsa love.

Ana Lydia

Elie Tahari Spring Fashion at Saks Fifth Avenue

Monday, March 23, 2015

(Part 2)

When I agreed to attend the Imagine LA fundraiser and Elie Tahari trunk show at Saks, I wasn't expecting to fall in love with a designer I knew so little about. But after a short introduction by both the Saks and Elie Tahari rep, I not only fell in love with the brand for it's multifunctional and easy to wear pieces, but also because of the story behind the iconic American brand and their recent Elie Tahari Sport collection.

The Elie Tahari & Elie Tahari Sports Collection, are unapologetically simple.

The wearability of the separates are ingeniously designed to be interchanged throughout seasons and worn with existing pieces in any woman's closet.

While mostly classic, the Elie Tahari separates are made with a mix of laser-cut leather, imprinted natural materials, and cutting-edge fabrics that modernizes wardrobe stables.

The spring pieces are available in classic colors -black,white, grey and navy- while the unique fabric choices and asymmetric shapes gave a simple skirt a nice drop, a reversible jacket visual interest, and the little black dress a modern, and flattering, shape.

Prints were few and far, but the oversize florals on the black background gave the classic spring dress after-five wearability.

I very much liked Elie Tahari's spring collection and the new Elie Tahari Sports division; and especially like how both lines meet the needs of the active and more casual Westside woman.

What do you think?

Ana Lydia

Imagine LA Elie Tahari Fundraiser at SAKS, Beverly Hills

Friday, March 20, 2015

(Part One)

My mentor recently joined the team of Imagine LA, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering families in Los Angeles to transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency; and invited me to an Elie Tahari trunk-show at Saks, Beverly Hills.

The way that Imagine LA helps homeless families in Los Angeles, is by matching a family exiting homelessness with a team of dedicated volunteers for one to two years.

The team and family walk together on a journey out of chronic poverty to a place of permanent housing, self-sufficiency, confidence and wellness where every member of the family is thriving.

The evening included lively conversations, delectable appetizers and champagne, a Spring Elie Tahari fashion show and shopping...for a good cause, of course!

Imagine LA also gave us an overview about the organization, and the highlight of the evening; meeting an incredible woman that survived a childhood jumping through foster homes, growing-up only to live through spousal abuse, and living on the streets as a single mom...

But there's a silver lining to her story: she connected with Imagine LA, and with the help of her mentors, she now has a job, an apartment, a car and looks forward to returning to college to set an example to her young son!

With our support, Imagine LA imagines an end to the cycle of poverty.They just can't imagine it without our help.

Just like her story, there are many others...and their success is possible because of the great work that Imagine LA does. 

Join me in supporting the work of this great organization by following them on social media, volunteering, or attending any one of the many events they have planned in the coming year.

Ana Lydia
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