Be a Friend.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Last Thursday ended my fourteen week term at Film School.
My second term at Art Center College of Design.

To say the last fourteen weeks (twenty eight weeks combined) have been intense and rewarding at the same time is underplaying the sheer madness of it all.

Of course, fourteen weeks of school means fourteen weeks of classes, assignments, projects, internships, and just enough to get through life.

Personal time, or friendly outings, take a backseat during this very (VERY) busy time. So I've been needing, badly, girl time.
Social time.
Play time.
For quite some time.

So the first thing I did when I finished my last class? I called several friends - "I'M DONE!" - I screamed through my bluetooth.
To an answering machine.
A voicemail.
Or, a big dark black hole of nothingness.

I then texted a couple of others, and of course I wrote the prerequisite Facebook message: "Making plans to see you," followed by, "I'll be MIA during my first weekend away in fourteen weeks."
Which I was.

This weekend I was enjoying the OC, eating like a queen, shopping like a loose cannon and enjoying every last minute of a much needed weekend away with the hubby.
I wore makeup.
Real shoes.
I slept in.
I drank.

By Monday (today) I expected to have email after email of follow-up's to schedule my time. What I had, instead, was two cancelations.

Jesus folks - I've been literally without life for FOURTEEN weeks. But yet, we make plans and you CANCEL?
To say I almost lost a head socket is not exaggerating. Because I was upset.
Not a little.
A lot.

So today I did tons of to-do's, scheduled a last minute work call, started planning for my other two trips (San Diego and Seattle here. I. come!), did some school stuff, and well, did not do one of the things I hoped to do during my break.

Oh well, right?

Well, not really.

Here's the thing: Life is crazy busy.

I think we have all decided that whether or not you have children has little to no bearing how much time you have, or don't, to spend with others.

Because for the fourteen weeks (once I start school again) I will only have memories of the fun times I had with my friends when I'm spending another 12-hour day behind an editing bay or writing in silence.
So any and all the time I plan with others is golden.

Just imagine this...

While you are bouncing your bubbly baby boy I will be spending another five hours in a coffee shop planning my next shoot.

While you are making the choice of what to do or not, I will have the next fourteen weeks scheduled to a T, including the few hours (a month) I will have ALONE with my hubby.

So if you have a friend like me, do yourself a favor. Do them a favor.

Keep your commitments.
Answer phone calls. Respond to to texts.
Don't just troll social media - but use Facebook or other social media to interact.
Make time.
Make plans.
Make it special.

Be. A. Friend.

Ana Lydia

Join me at Elleffe Design's U.S. Launch Showcase Reception

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

* This is a Sponsored Post*

Elleffe Design, a luxury home decor brand from Italy, has invited me to host a “divertimento” tutorial on the art of the tablescape to celebrate it's US launch.

The tutorial and reception will be held on Wednesday, August 17 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica.

Besides learning how to create a beautiful tablescape concept – in the vein of chic modern with a touch of whimsy - guests to this exclusive event will be treated to a viewing of the Elleffe Design collection, receive 20% off Elleffe pieces, as well as take home several other special gifts and prizes.

I would love for you to join me and learn how to easily create beautiful table decor at home, and ask that you RSVP here to confirm your attendance by Tuesday, August 17.

Ana Lydia

Life is as Life Does

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

There's something funny that happens when life is going well: it doesn't last.

I mean, I have nothing major to complain about, other than avoiding a hospital stay by two points on the Diabetes scale...

But you see, there lays the problem.

Sometimes we are so focused on the busyness of life -and actually enjoying everything that is happening- that we ignore our bodies.

It happens.
To all of us.
All. The. Time.

And yet our bodies don't really tell us what is going on, until...

A headache here, bodyache there, a finger infection (Yes, that happened!), just not feeling well - maybe exhaustion?

Eventually a visit to the urgent care where I had a come to Jesus conversation with a doctor that didn't know me from Adam, "You have to take care of yourself or you will not finish your will die..."

And then...

Major societal issues based on hate, ignorance and mostly fear took over our country.

To be told that you could have died shakes you to your core, but to see others dying for simply being born of a different skin color - in this great country of ours - makes everything else seem highly superficifical...

And so I did what I needed to do.

Take time off to reflect and to plan what I will put into action to make a difference.

Took a while, but here I am...hoping that any and all contribution I make will leave a mark in this world.

Ana Lydia

Trying the ALL IN ONE BURGER at The Lake House - LA

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

There comes a time in your life when you have to upgrade your lunch game and order the most epic beauty that you’ve come across.

For that, of course, you bring the talent of the leading food blogger in Los Angeles and Paul Tavakoli Co-Owner/Executive Chef at The Lake House - LA and Executive Chef at Polished Fork,
to create a burger of epic proportions, aptly called the ALL IN ONE BURGER.

For $27, you can share the ALL IN ONE BURGER, which is a six-inch tower of culinary proportions made with:

-Two quarter pound patties
-Onion rings
-Grilled jalapenos
-American cheese
-Smoked tri tip
-Pulled pork grilled cheese sandwiches as buns

For the more sensible burger lovers, Chef Tavakoli has also created a beautiful pair of pulled-pork sliders served on mini pretzel buns and a nice selection of summer favorites. Of course, all can be accompanied by a side of BBQ-style potato salad and hand sliced french fries.

Whatever burger you choose, you can enjoy them at The Lake House - LA casual vibe and indoor / outdoor seating, that is just perfect for the dreadful San Fernando Valley summer.

The Lake House LA also offers a complete bar and diverse seasonal menu made with ingredients from its own garden.

The ALL IN ONE BURGER is currently being served exclusively at The Lake House LA, located at:
6331 Woodley Ave
Van Nuys, CA
Phone: (818) 778-6530

Hours: 6:00 a.m. - 7:30 Daily

Lot parking, with no reservations required for this family-favorite hideaway.


Ana Lydia

Agnes Martin Retrospective at LACMA

Saturday, June 25, 2016

One of the wonderful things about being a member of LACMA, is being able to see exhibits before they open to the public. The first Agnes Martin retrospective in the US since 1992 was one of those exhibits.

On display from April 24, 2016–September 11, 2016, this extensive exhibition covers the full breadth of her practice, revealing her early and little-known experiments with different media and tracing her development from biomorphic abstraction to the mesmerizing grids and striped canvases that became her hallmark.

Agnes Bernice Martin was born in Canada, but lived her entire adult life in the US. She is often referred to as a minimalist, but she considered herself an abstract expressionist. Her work has been defined as an "essay in discretion, inwardness and silence," while to me, her work gives me a sense of calm, wonder and introspection.

Martins simple, clean geometric paintings are made in pale brush strokes of color that are lined with pencil.  Her work emerged from her Abstract Expressionist inspiration, yet at the same time precedes the Minimalist movement. 

One thing to note about that Martin's paintings is that while they're repetitive in with their patterns, she was not striving for perfection—rather, influenced by Taoist and other eastern philosophies, she felt her paintings were a reflection of the complex patterns of nature. 

When I think of art I think of beauty. Beauty is the mystery of life. It is not in the eye it is in the mind. In our minds there is awareness of perfection. - Agnes Martin

Ana Lydia
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