Lladro Opens a New Boutique in Beverly Hills

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I grew up with a mother that loved beautiful decor and an appreciation of porcelain figurines.

Stylized Victorian ladies holding dainty umbrellas and forest animals that looked gently into the midst lived throughout my childhood home. While the China hutch and curio cabinet were reserved for unique pieces that were priceless and irreplaceable.

The family vintage green glass, hand cut crystal platters, collectable vases, and of course, Lladro pieces were neatly arranged behind the glass doors of those tall oak doors.

When I got my first job as a teenager I remember going to my local mall to visit a collectables shop. I would stand looking at the Lladro pieces, then add-up my measly hourly wage in my head in the hopes that one day I would be able to afford to buy my mother a piece of her beloved Lladro.
Before I hit the age of 21, I did.

The light in my moms curio added a beautiful contrast to the smooth white face of the maiden standing front and center. Her dress seemed to dance in a wind that froze her in time.


Inspired by my mother's love of Lladros soft lines and dream-like color palettes, I've also been enchanted by the simplicity of each hand-crafted Lladro porcelain piece and admire their museum-like quality.

But buying Lladro is an experience in itself...
The experience of purchasing your first Lladro piece, or adding to a collection, is only heightened when you visit Lladro's newest boutique in Beverly Hills.

Surrounded by world renowned fashion luxury brands, the Lladro Boutique located at Two Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, is an intimate and inviting space where everyone can enjoy the beautiful simplicity of Lladro porcelain.

This new concept boutique also displays Lladro's foray into lighting design, while staying true to their artisanal porcelain process.

Stop by the Lladro boutique while you are in town for lunch or shopping to discover your love of a brand that will add beauty to your home.

Ana Lydia

GLP Films has Partnered with National Geographic to Create Travel & Human Interest Visual Stories

Monday, May 18, 2015

It was recently shared with me that GLP Films has partnered with National Geographic to create human-interest and travel films for the National Geographic digital networks.

GLP Films is a company which you may have possibly never heard of, but have more than likely seen or heard about one of their more than 100 award-winning travel and sustainability films, such as the Sustainable Tourism in Mexico series.

This is incredible for many reasons, but for me, the most important reason to follow this partnership and watch these films, is that we will be able to see for the first time stories that have never been told in a short format and available online.

As it is the case with all of the GLP Films, these stories will connect us with people, places and issues that are important for us to learn about and possibly get more involved with.

The films that have been completed through the GLP Films & National Geographic partnership include:

  1. World’s Most Dangerous Road? (Bolivia, 3:45) – Bolivia’s perilous, one-lane Yungas Road has claimed many lives during its time, earning its moniker and inviting adventurers to experience its mysticism, complex cultural history, and death-defying mountain bike tours. .
  2. This Hotel is Made Entirely of Salt (Bolivia, 3:11) – Award-winning luxury salt hotel Luna Salada attracts travelers to the world’s largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni, and is built almost entirely from the area’s most abundant resource.
  3. The Most Nutritious Grain You’ve Never Heard Of (Senegal, 4:40) -- Heralded as the “new quinoa” or super food, fonio has drought-resistant, protein rich and gluten-free qualities, making it a power player in the fight to end poverty and world hunger.
  4. Visit a Village on an Island Made of Shells (Senegal, 2:59) -- Created over 300 years ago, Fadiouth, better known as Shell Island, rose from the Sine-Saloum Delta as an island created sustainably by discarded mollusk shells, and serves as a common ground for religious tolerance.
  5. A Toilet Fascination Leads to Social Change (India, 3:59) -- One man’s frustration with India’s exclusive Caste system and his personal fascination with toilets is changing India’s health and sanitation landscape.

Follow GLP Film at www.glpfilms.com and connect with them on:

Follow National Geographic at www.nationalgeographic.com and connect with them on:

Ana Lydia

Dead Sea Scrolls: The Exhibition

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

For my hubby's birthday we were given the opportunity to take part in the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the California Science Center.

We were excited to see this exhibit because it's the largest Dead Scroll Exhibit created outside of Israel; and well, to see 2,000 year old manuscripts and more than 600 artefacts is a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Unlike typical exhibits set in rows and rows of untouchable and unreachable artefacts that are hard to see, the Dead Sea Scroll Exhibit walks you through a visual timeline of Israel's history.  

Upon your arrival, you view a brief video and presentation about the unique aspects of this exhibit led by California Science Center experts.

The experts also walk you through an explanation of what we are about to see before you enter the main gallery of the exhibit.

From timelines on the ground that match the ceramic pieces and jewelry behind a glass wall case, and even a section of the Wailing Wall, the exhibit is an interactive way to experience Israel and the history of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The obvious headliner of the exhibit are the sections from 10 selections of the Dead Sea Scrolls, more than half never seen before in the U.S., including parts of the oldest known copies of the Hebrew Bible, also known as the Old Testament. 

The Dead Sea Scroll exhibit is on display until September 7, 2015 at the California Science Center. You can purchase "timed tickets" for the exhibition, that are valid only for the time and date you purchased them for. 

Adults - $19.75
Child 4-12 - $12.75
Seniors 60+ - $16.75

Ana Lydia

My Cloud Obsession

Monday, May 11, 2015

A truism about photography, is that as you grow in your craft you will never see the world as you did before.

Case in point: my cloud obsession!

Every time I look-up, the clouds seems to come together to form animals, objects, or even words in front of my eyes.

On this particular day I saw a rabid dog with wings...what do you see?

Unfiltered Photo taken with my iPhone 4s
“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, 
but to add color to my sunset sky.” ― Rabindranath TagoreStray Birds

Ana Lydia

I Had a Bad Day...

Friday, May 8, 2015

I had a bad day.

Not the kind where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed (I'm one of the blessed few that wakes up slow, but always in a good mood).

It was just a series of things, mostly doubt, creeping up my spine for one. Entire. Day.

It was scary.

It stopped me on my tracks.

I couldn't forge ahead as I over-dramatized my future.

"What have I done?" I kept asking myself. Did I make the right choices?

What if my husband, mom, friends, and professors had all been kind to me and the talent they say I have is nothing more that elementary?

Then my camera dies. My BABY dies. And I am literally broken to tears. 

Then I find out that the retailer I purchased it from made a mistake, so the warranty I thought I had, didn't exist. I left broken and more scared than before. "THIS is surely a sign," I thought to myself.

"What have I done? I'm not on the right track and I need to make figure things out."

Then I get home, look up at the sky and see this...

THIS sky full of dark grey drama, but beautiful none-the-less, opened-up enough for me to see the sun before it disappeared.

As someone that always looks at signs and talks to the man upstairs all the time, I felt that this was his way of telling me that yes, I would be challenged through my new journey, but that it would it work out in the end.

Ana Lydia

P.S. As for my camera: The retailer made good on their mistake and exchanged my eight-month old baby for a new camera, AND gave me a real warranty :)

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