Maestro Dobel Cocktail Preview

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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A few nights ago Perry Farrell hosted me and a few of other social media influencers to experience a French-food tasting paired with Maestro Dobel Tequila cocktails at Bagatelle Los Angeles

An avid Tequila fan, Perry also happens to be the spokesperson for this brand, that gives him a "cheery buzz."

Our evening was filled with lively conversations, and a delicious four-course dinner created by Chef Robert Liberato, that was paired with four different tequila cocktails using the Silver, Diamanté, Reposado and Anejo expressions. 

Kusshi Oyster
Tequila Coconut Mignoinette
Facing West
Maestro Dobel® Silver Tequila, raw coconut water, lime juice, fresh watermelon, Agave

Blue Crab Salad
Bibb Lettuce, Citrus, jalapeno, radish, ginger vinaigrette
Diamante Demure
Maestro® Dobel Diamante™ Tequila, grapefruit juice, peach bitters, rose water, agave

Main Course
Hudson Valley Duck
Parsnip Puree, Tea Smoked Apricot Chutney, Tequila glazed Foie Gras
Clever Hook-
Maestro Dobel® Añejo Tequila, pineapple juice, lime juice, Bitters, agave

Reposado Infused Chocolate Torte
Espresso Budino, Whipped Tahitian Vanilla Creme Fraiche
Power Ballad –
Maestro Dobel® Reposado Tequila, cold brew coffee, brown sugar, cocoa, fig bitters, Egg white

While all cook tails elevated each dish, my favorite tequila cocktail was the "Facing West" for it's light and refreshing flavor. I imagine it being a great cocktail for holiday parties as well as summer get togethernes.

The recipe is below. Try it out and let me know your thoughts...

To make your own "Facing West" cocktail you will need:

2 oz Maestro Dobel Silver Tequila
1 oz Raw Coconut Water
.5 oz Lime Juice
4 Large pieces of Fresh Watermelon
Barspoon Agave
Lime Wheel
Watermelon Triangle
Old Fashioned Glassware
Cocktail Shaker Tin

Build ingredients into a Tin, Shake and Fine Strain into and Old Fashioned Glass filled with Ice.

Garnish with Lime Wheel and Watermelon Triangle.

Ana Lydia

Stickhouse Gelato in Santa Monica

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

As much as I love ice cream, there's really nothing quite like gelato. But gelato on a stick? Well, that's different...

Direct from Italy with love, introducing for the first time in the U.S. Stickhouse Gelato:

Each Stickhouse Gelato bar is literally gelato on a stick that's made with a La Ghiacciola (“The Icicle”), a machine that uses a special microcrystallization process to create a gelato that's thick and dense with flavor.

The Stickhouse Gelato bars, whether fruit or cream-based, are made daily using only the finest natural ingredients as well as locally sourced fresh and seasonal fruit, that can also be customized with your choice of chocolate and nuts toppings.

While I loved all the toppings and pop flavor combinations, I found that the fruit pops were elevated with the toppings, while the cream-based flavors, such as the cinnamon cheesecake, are better enjoyed without a topping.

My favorite pop being the Strawberry with dark chocolate and hazelnut toppings...try it and let me know what you think!

Stickhouse Gelato
223 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Ana Lydia

Learning about Wellness Travel at Termatalia

Sunday, November 8, 2015

*This post has been sponsored by Termatalia and Wellness Tourism Worldwide*

One of my foundest memories of living and traveling through Mexico was going to El Sindio, a large man-made pool in the middle of the Michoacan forest overflowing with thermal waters that came from the local springs.

I visited that pool often together with my aunt who would gather all of us nieces and nephews, pack lunch, and guide the kiddy rat pack through the tree's, overgrown grass, and rocky dirt path to then discover what seemed to be a mirage in the middle of the forest.

That natural pool filled with thermal spring water was perfection. It was warm and soft due to its natural minerals, and clear and beautiful because it was unspoiled by humans.

I have since tried many times to tell my hubby and several friends about my experience and benefits of bathing in the thermal waters, but come out short in both describing the simplistic beauty and the wondrous appeal of bathing in water born from the earth; while Termatalia exists to do just that: spread the word about the benefits of thermal waters and to share educational resources and trends of thermal spa's throughout the world.

It was at my recent visit to Galicia, Spain where I had the opportunity to represent Wellness Tourism Worldwide during the annual Termatalia Conference that I saw first-hand the international appeal of thermal waters and thermal water spas.

Unlike my childhood experience of simply bathing in thermal waters, I learned that these waters are not just to swim in, or be bottled, but that an entire travel industry has emerged to appeal to travelers interested in natural health and the benefits of wellness travel.

Health-focused, spa or wellness travel is huge in Europe, especially in the region of Ourense in Galicia, Spain because of its large concentration of thermal spa's. But thermal spa travel has also begun to get the recognition it deserves in the U.S. because of the health benefits that help counteract our hectic and stressful life.

The more than forty Latin American and European countries and spas that were represented at Termatalia shared their spin on wellness travel that was unique to their respective countries.

While some resorts focused on thermal water treatments, others incorporated a full spectrum approach to wellness travel that included food and body treatments.  But most surprising, was the creation of wellness spa's for dogs.

Attending Termatalia also gave me the opportunity to see how many resort spas exist in countries and locations I would have otherwise not been familiar with. But not only that, learning about the "add-ons" that will elevate any wellness travel experience, including food therapy and body treatments, was something I would have never thought about had I not attended Termatalia.

To plan your own trip to Termatalia and learn more about wellness travel, visit their website to purchase your conference tickets:

Ana Lydia

Being Thankful for Maya

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

* Sponsored Post *

As everyone can probably tell by my posts and social media shares, I'm very thankful to have Maya in my life. Not only is she a big part of my, our, life, she has also become an extended member of the family who's lovingly referred to as a "niece" by my aunts, or begrudgingly as a "granddaughter" by my own mother.

Maya's unconditional love and wet, yet unnecessary kisses, come to mind when people ask me how I know that she loves me in return. But what I tend to share more often than not, is that Maya's unwavering love and loyalty is none more present than when she predicts either pain or danger and puts herself in harm's way to save me.

It doesn't go unnoticed by many how Maya's tiny and lean body seems to be devoid of size limitations when she leaps into the air almost as if she were body armour ready to guard me from anything that may come into my path; and while her smothering hugs are plentiful, it's her eyes that tell me - tells us - so much more. 

Yes, Maya is a dog and may not be able to communicate with spoken words, but she can feel and see the world differently than us. 

It's through her view of the world that she invites me, us, to see life through her eyes; to the point that if I were to pick a single reason as to why I'm thankful to have Maya in my life, I say this instead: Maya has encouraged me to cherise those I love.

Do you also have a dog in your life? Share with us why YOU'RE thankful to have a dog in your life?

This year +Purina  has asked me to invite you to also tell and show the world why you're thankful to have a furry baby in your life by sharing your tweets, Facebook or Instagram, and adding #dogthanking and tagging +Purina to your dog family photos and videos, to have the opportunity to be featured during the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day.

If that wasn't enough, +Purina and #dogthankging will donate one dollar ($1.00) to the +AKC Canine Health Foundation (up to $75,000), to help keep our loyal companions healthy.

Happy #DogThankging - and hopefully I'll see you and your furry child during the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day!

Ana Lydia

Løv organic Tea & Accessories

Monday, November 2, 2015


A couple of years ago I stopped by a conference booth completely transfixed with the beautiful minimalistic packaging of Løv organic teas, a French company that was looking to introduce its tea brand to the U.S.

At the time there was only one Løv organic tea boutique in NYC, and an international online shop that promoted their "Love is all you need" message. Now that Løv organic expands to the US, we can now also order this beautiful tea and complimentary accessories from anywhere in the US.

What makes Løv Organic tea different starts with their Scandinavian inspiration whose modern lifestyle goes hand-in-hand with respecting the environment. 

From the eco-friendly packaging, to the innovative organic tea and wellness blends, Løv Organic has also figured out a way of blending the pleasure of tea drinking with the thoughtfulness of environmental awareness by creating an organic range of teas that makes everyday life more beautiful. 


While I happen to be a huge fan of the Løv organic ROOIBOS tea blends, other teas that I have fallen in love with include:

The FENNEL-ANISE organic herbal tea, which is an aniseed infusion that's ideal for after-dinner.

The LINDEN-ROSE organic herbal tea, which combines the softness of the linden leaves and flowers, has a delicate rose flavor with a touch of lavender, that's a perfect evening tea.


I have learned that the best way to enjoy a tea moment is to steep tea and drink tea from accessories that are especially made to maximize the flavor of the tea.

Løv Organic accessories were made with the tea lover in mind and follow the same minimalist, yet beautiful, Scandinavian design.

Both the Løv Organic glass tea mug and carafe are my favorites because they have an extra-fine stainless-steel infuser integrated to the lids that both keep the tea warm and works as an infuser holder.

Løv Organic teas and accessories can be found here:
Twitter: @lovorganicus

Ana Lydia
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