My Wild Ride

Thursday, April 23, 2015

During my photography lab time, I was chatting with one of my classmates about movies and such.

He mentioned that he had been seeing "The Devil Wears Prada" every night before he falls asleep. "It's so funny" he said.

That was my life, I told him.

"I can't imagine you being Andrea, and definitely not Miranda. You're too nice," he said.

He was right. Today I'm a far cry from being either character; but only a few years back I was.

I had the ballsy gusto of Miranda: Organized, focused, and absolutely hard-core. I also had a business to run and benchmarks to reach, and nothing, or no one, was going to hold me back.

In that relentless focused time of my life, I reached my goals and more. I also met my husband, who didn't tell me to stop, but because of my newfound love of all things domestic, and truth be told, my love of us, I made changes. I slowed down.

I got sick...then better...then sick again...

I refocused my business...but it was still a business....

I plugged along hoping that I would make a difference in the lives of others. I did.

But something was still missing.

Then "other" things happened within me...

It wasn't just love. It was a rediscovery of who I am and what I wanted, what I want, out of my life.

By going back to school, I have opened a can of worms.

What my intentions were five years ago, even two years ago, are a far cry from what I want now...and it's disrupting my core.

So much so, that I haven't told anyone outside of my husband.

You have probably read about my love of photography, my obvious interest in writing, but at the base of it all, it's my passion in storytelling that's driving both my personal and professional goals in the next stage of my life.

And it's scary.

So much so, that I'm not sharing much until details aren't as murky as they are now.

For now, this blog will continue to exist.

I will also continue to tinker with social media (on a freelance basis), and continue to explore how to best engage in visual storytelling.

Passion, not money or big lofty career benchmarks, are driving my new direction in life. So don't be surprised if you see me volunteering at an art gallery, tagging along a well known photographer, or directing a no-budget documentary.

These are just a few of the many things I want to do before you see my documentary, or two; my photos in an exhibit; and my writing being part of something big.

So while all of this gets ironed out, as much as it can be, I'm sure, I'm planning on keeping a few things to myself.

All I can ask at this point, is for you to send me good juju's...because I'm planning on taking you, my FAB blog readers, on a wild ride!


Ana Lydia

Manhunt Lipstick for Spring

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

There's nothing that quite says spring like a pop of color.

While the obvious "pop" is a sherbert-hue chiffon something-or-other that screams spring, I prefer to bring spring colors to my lips.

This spring I was looking for an orangey-red hue to compliment my natural make-up spring look.

While this color is not hard to find, I was looking for a sheer gloss instead of the intense lipstick colors that seem to be all the rage this season.

What I got, instead, is Nars Manhunt, which has more pigmentation than a lipgloss, but isn't as intense as hyper-pigmented lipsticks.

I love that Nars Manhunt is quite moisturizing and wears nicely; but what really made me a fan, is that Nars Manhunt can be worn sheer or layered...and the color is never too intense or, no pun intended, too in your face.


I think I made the right choice this spring...Nars Manhunt is a color I can wear day and night and pretty much with most of my spring clothes...don't you agree?

Ana Lydia

Is it Really Over?

Monday, April 20, 2015

AND...just like THAT, Spring. Break. is. over.

If it makes you feel any better, since most of ya'll are probably at work or just getting home to cook dinner as you read this, you should sympathise on the fact that I went no where.

Meaning, I didn't get in my car and drive more than an hour away from home; I didn't hop on a plane and take that long overdue vacation; and, I didn't see all the friends I planned on seeing or dining on all the yummy food I have been too busy to try.

Spring Break, as an adult, SUCKS.

My list of to-do's, I soon found out, was longer than the time I had to do it all.

Doctor follow-ups, client invoicing (tsk-tsk), family stuff, homework, and life in general, far outweighed my need to take a break.

So two days into a week that I was supposed to use as a time to relax, I turned into an emotional mess and broke down. I NEED A VACATION.

I don't have time, and most of my extra money is invested back into my continuing education. I don't regret it. Not. One. Bit, but it's hard.

It's hard to say no to that extra pair of shoes (that were sooo darling, by the way), because I have to buy film and photography paper.

The weekday at Catalina? That time was better spent driving clear across the city to get a head-start on my photography homework, while the "lunch-with-friends" was cut short when my pre-scheduled phone interviews (for another class) cheated me out of my two-hour lunch.

To add insult to injury, we are looking to buy a condo (or town home, or home)...that process is basically Chinese torture.

It's no secret...

I. Am. Spent..and can't wait till I can breath a little and take some time off before heading back to school this fall.

Ana Lydia

Spring Break Staycation

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hi everyone!

Today starts my spring break and I'm planning on taking a staycation.

I'll be back in a week and share photos on Instagram while I'm out and about.


Ana Lydia

How to Find out about your Furry Baby's DNA

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

This post is sponsored by Mars Wisdom Panel 3.0

When we adopted Princess Maya, shortly after loosing my little man Chatito, we had no idea what we were walking into. As a Boston Terrier, her traits are completely different than those of a pug. 

Her likes, dislikes and personality traits are also different. But most importantly, through trail and error, we also found out about her sensitive tummy and aversion to certain foods that resulted in her beautiful black and white coat turning a prickly pink, that was directly related to her Boston Terrier DNA.

Had we spent a little bit of time researching about her breed when we adopted her, we would have known about her tummy sensitivities much sooner; but unfortunately not everyone has that opportunity.

Some of my friends have mixed-breed baby's at home and constantly walk a fine line between asking themselves what to feed their furry baby's or wondering how they will react in certain situations.

Their furry baby's can be "half" something, and "a bit" of something else, but we really don't know. We just base our guesses on the doggy's smile, ear size, coat or any other random physical characteristic.

As you can imagine, just like humans, our furry baby's inherit traits from their grandparents, parents and other "family" members to distinctly become who they are. The good and the sometimes bad, such as carrying MDR1 genetic mutation, are found in many mixed-breed dogs, is many times unknown until much later.

To find out more about our babies and to help us take ownership of our furry baby's health, Mars Veterinary created the Wisdom Panel 3.0 DNA test, which can easily find out what our furry baby's DNA is with a simple swab-swipe from inside our dogs cheek thats mailed to a lab.

Once the lab receives the swab, it's then tested to undergo processing to extract the DNA from our babies cells to examine for 321 markers that are evaluated to give the possible pedigree trees in the last three generations.
Whether we have a pure-breed or mixed-breed furry baby, knowing our their genetic makeup is key in helping develop a health care plan together with our vet.

From the best nutrition plan and breed training, DNA testing is the best way to be proactive and take care for the overall health of our babies.

To learn more about about the importance of checking your furry baby's DNA, stop by the Wisdom Panel event at America's Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa this weekend and meet the folks behind Mars Veterinary's canine DNA test, Wisdom Panel® 3.0. 

You can also follow Wisdom Panels social channels for more updates on events and product discounts: 

Twitter: @WisdomPanel
Instagram: @WisdomPanel 
Pinterest: @WisdomPanel

Ana Lydia
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