What is a Frivolous Spend?

Many of us associate a frivolous purchase or action as being senseless or unnecessary. I choose to disagree. I instead associate it to simply being self indulgent. What's so bad about that?!

A frivolous purchase doesn't have to cost thousands and land you in debt. A frivolous spend can instead be good for your health according to several reports!

If you believe in retail therapy, then follow a few of my suggestions instead of refilling your Zoloft!

This tablet ROCKS and smokes the iPads and other imitators by a long-shot. Don't believe me? Then try One-Note, work on your Powerpoint presentation, while surfing the web - all on this amazing tablet. Yes - one one the most expensive ones, even by MAC standards, but OH so worth it!

2. All-Clad Cookware $675 (starter set)
Everyone that knows me, know's how much I LOVE to cook. And every chef, including home chef's, deserve the BEST tools of the trade to whip-up some pretty amazing dishes.

It's clean, it smells good, you shower with Kiehl's products and the classes are the best in the industry. No, it's no dream - it's a gym...and-worth-every-penny!

The difference between "wow, you look AMAZING and soooo young," or hearing crickets in the background, is this little amazing and miraculous MUST BUY for anyone over 30. Yes, you can buy under-eye concealer for under $10, but why would you settle for concealer when this miracle pen will make your skin soft, light and luminous?!

Yes - I spend $18 dollars to smell good and keep underarm sweat at bay. Trust me, no other deodorant smells this good or works this well.


  1. I want the mist.. all the other stuff sounds nice but I want DK mist. How long does it last)

  2. About a month...so worth it! P.s. Nordstroms sells is for $12 :)


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