How to Get your College Wardrobe Career Ready, Latina Style!

It's not uncommon for many of us to snicker at the outrageous fashion choices we made while in college. Our excuse? Our limited budget!

But what happens to our college wardrobe once we have our first real job?

You're Hired!

Once secure in their first real job, many Latinas are caught somewhere between the creative fashion exploration of their college years, to the early adoption of the cookie-cutter 9-5 uniform.

"Perhaps the biggest (fashion) transition was finding out that you cannot use jeans everyday," shared Cynthia Martinez, who's the 28-year old writer behind the Fat Girl Escapading Blog. "I found myself wearing T-shirts and jeans in college; to later incorporating suits and slacks, to my office attire," the Southern California-native added.

Finding Your Fashion Identity

Caught in fashion limbo, college graduates endlessly search for ways to individualize their wardrobe without loosing their professional image.

Savvy and fashionable Latinas choose to -instead- personalize the traditional office attire by (literally) wearing their heritage!

"Own" Your Style

"A suit is just a suit..nothing special," added Cynthia. "(The Suit) won't make you stand out until you make it yours. Make it yours with the details...that's where you add your personality."

LA urbanite and Los Angeles Dodgers Public Relations Pro, Yvonne Carrasco, can't live without her "men's leather shearling bomber jacket purchased in Ecuador." While, celebrated restaurateur Bricia Lopez, proudly wears "Oaxacan influenced jewelry, hair clips and tops."

Who Are You?

Crediting her SCS personal motto of "simple, classy and sexy," 26-year old Bricia believes that her wardrobe "expresses how she feels towards others."

Yvonne, on the other hand, "prefers to keep her look as natural as possible," and credits the DVF wrap dress as being her fashion savior.

Be Inspired

In typical 20-something fashion, Cynthia and Yvonne look up-to celebrities for style advice. But their style icons are anything but typical!

Inspired by classic fashion icons such as Anjelica Houston, Diane Furstenberg and Salma Hayak, all three ladies create their unique look with the perfect blend of trend-right and timeless pieces.

Get Ready

By following this unique fashion formula, recent college graduates can update their wardrobe to prepare for the workforce without loosing their fashion identity.


  1. I swear that I'm still waiting for the "Jean Slack" hey if they can have pajama jeans, they should have work approved jean slacks.

  2. Jean slacks: Dark jeans with minimal embelishment and same-color stitching. :)


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