What to see this summer: A Better Life

It's not very often that I work from home and have the tube on, but today I did. My excuse was/is: inspiration. Yes, really.

I can only write when I have the radio or TV on. So the next time you visit me at the office, you will probably hear one of my Pandora stations, a music compilation of some sort, or -gasp- the TV!

Today's background was tuned to Access Hollywood. Normally, I don't really pay attention to what is going on with the latest starlet or Hollywood blockbuster, but a very familiar voice made me turn my head. I really can't recall (nor did my Google search come up with a response) of who was on the show this morning. However it was convinced me to look up this gem of a movie called "A Better Life."

I won't go too much into the storyline as you can pretty much grasp the concept from the trailer (click above). What makes me excited about this film are a couple of non-commonalities from other Latino themed movies:

a) The interview (I saw) and articles/movie reviews that I read following the the interview, are only on general-market/English-language media.

Why is that important to me? I am so sick (not to my stomach, but you get the gist of it), of Latino media beating us (Latinos) with a stick to support a Latino-themed, Latino-acted, Latino-produced movie. Really? Really?! What if the movie sucks?!

There, I said it. What if it sucks?! Sorry, but I could care less if my very talented second-cousin was in the film, if it sucks, it sucks. And I am not spending a dollar to go see it. Period.


b) The interview (I saw) and articles/movie reviews that I read after the interview, have focused on the father/son relationship and everyone's quest to attain the American Dream; instead of the obvious immigration/anti-immigrant agenda many will point to.

Oh pel-ease. It's Hollywood and it's a film. Can someone just watch it and make a decision to either like it or dislike it because of the acting, story line, or actual production quality without pointing to his or her political agenda? (sorry for the run-on sentence!)

Yes, it can be done. Try it - it's called real movie reviews and write-ups. (of which I am not an expert, but boy do I have an opinion)...

Any who, call me a sap, but I am a complete emotional mess when it comes to father/son and father/daughter-themed movies. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Father's Day is only a couple of weeks away and I lost my dad six years ago.

So yes, I am seeing this movie because the trailer, interview and the few reviews I have read point to a possible emotional connection between the movie and me. (Yes, movies can make an emotional connection with the viewers. What a concept, right?!)

But, let me be clear about this: I am not seeing this movie because it's a Latino-themed film.

I am excited to see "A Better Life" film because it speaks to me on a much deeper emotional level and interest. And I hope that you do too.

Did you hear that Hollywood?


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  2. I am ready to see it. Nos llega directo al corazón a los hispanos en Estados Unidos. Saludos,

  3. SI! Y eso es lo que hace la pelicula mas interesante para mi - que tenga corazon y historia.


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