We laughed, we cried...and we took Blog Her 11 by storm!

Who knew that four days at Blog Her 11 would be jam-packed with so much to do, that most of us had to either nap or take a day off upon our return to normalcy?

With that in mind, I have eternal gratitude to the women and men, that made my Blog Her 11 experience grand!  In no particular order, here's my top list of fabulous BlogHer 11 women:

Sujiery, The First Lady of Love and Your Truly at the Hermosa Beach Pier

My Roomie 
She is the epitome of room-mate perfection: engaging and social; discrete and perceptive; smart and funny.  San Diego was only the start of a beautiful friendship that I look forward to cultivating!
My Soul 
She is smart, professional and a savvy business woman that I happen to admire and love beyond words.  I literally shed a tear when I hugged her for the first time!  I promised myself that I would see her soon - and I will! 
The Publicity Goddess 
Having a PR/publicity 9-5 and a passion for blogging and all things social media not only takes an extraordinarily skilled level of juggling sass, but creativity beyond measure.  And this is the woman that does it beautifully, smartly and a bit too maturely for her age.  I hate her! <-LOVE her 
We Go Wa-ay Back 
She met me early in the early stages of my entrepreneurship foray. I don't want to say more because she may spill the beans about me...but I will tell you this much about her: I knew her before Oprah came knocking on her door. Yes, really. 
Social Media Goddesses 
In early 2008 or maybe late 2007, I met a woman that was -and is- as passionate about social media as she was about the greater good of the Latino community.  Wearing her heart on her sleeve, she partnered-up with yet another larger-than-life Latina to form the largest network of Latinos in Social Media.  I am humbled, honored and oh-so-blessed to call them both friends. 
Blogging Queen 
First there was a pen, then a typewriter, and a word-processor came right before computers.  And somewhere in between this process, the queen was already plotting ways to for social-media obsessed bloggers to take over the world.  She just joined forces with the Social Media Goddesses and now we -officially- will take over the world.  Just sayin. 
Dr. Goddess and Me
The DOCTOR Goddess 
Anyone -especially- a woman, who can talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk is admirable in my book.  And the Doctor is just what this (sometimes) micro-focused industry needs: a leader that believes in collaboration to breed long-term success for everyone.  Yah - she's that strategic...and beautiful! 
The Trendsetter 
Her self-introduction went something along the lines of: "I love you and I want to work together with you and the Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Group." One of two things happened when she said this: my jaw dropped and I wanted to jump up-and-down with excitement.  SHE wants to work with us?  OMG, I think I died and went to heaven.  Anywho - how awesome is a woman that has zero ego even though she's pretty darn amazing? Just sayin! 
The Curvy Fashionista 
My roomie said it best:  "A true fashionista is more than a pretty dress."  And let me tell ya, This woman has it all: style, presence and a beautiful personality to boot.  I need to go shopping with her! 
The Traveler with a Heart 
Not only was does she have a passion for traveling, she wants to share that gift with others.  She has a soul and a reason for being - and my full support.
Although some of these ladies don't live anywhere near me, I am going to make it a point to stay in touch with them to keep their beautiful energy around me - and I hope I see them at BlogHer 12!


  1. Love to see bloggers collaborating and connecting! :-)


    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  2. Tracy - absolutely! Just like in any other industry, those that collaborate will thrive and grow...

    Thank you soo much for being a part of our #llblog community :)

  3. Roomie! I just read this on my first day back from PR and love it. BlogHer was the best roommate experience and I'm so happy we spend time together. LLBloggers for life!!! (Said in a "Mi Vida Loca" voice lol).


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