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Dinner at Bacio by Carla Pellegrino
Sometime in April of this year, after contacting both personal blogger friends and professional contacts to PLEASE start a Latina Lifestyle Blogger Group, I mustered all of my strength and did it when no one else would.

Mostly afraid of how the non-Lifestyle bloggers would respond, my blogger friends supported me from day one:
Striking a pose with Cynthia from Fat Girl Escapades
Me: "You REALLY should start a Latina Lifestyle Blogger Group - there's a HUGE need for it!" 
Her: "Sounds great - but I don't want to upset the MOM Blogger Community." 
Me: "Why would you upset anyone?  I don't envision an anti-any-other-type-of-blogger group.  It should be, instead, a group that supports bloggers that aren't represented and supported elsewhere; regardless of whether or not they are married, single, have or don't have children, gay or straight..." 
Her: "I get it - but they won't.  So just include me, and I will support you.  But I can't lead it."
Well - for those that know me, you will understand that I took that challenge to heart - and did it.

In a nutshell, that is how the Latina Lifestyle Blogger Community got started.

Rep from the Fashion Show Mall in Vegas speaking to our
#vllblog attendees during our Lunch at Segundo Sol

Run, Don't Walk
Instead of the pot of gold that most allude to, or the, get this, my personal agenda, this community has, instead, kicked my royal hiney and challenged me to create workshops, events, and activities that help support one-another.  How's that for real community building?

So, after a so-so webinar, two local get-together's, and several ill-advised attempts to collaborate with other organizations, I did what every other level-headed woman would do: create what didn't exist and beg, grovel, and sometimes plead that other's believe in us, as much as I did.  (I said level-headed, not neccesarily the smartest thing to do!)

Thank goodness for my well-maintained professional bridges, because let me tell you, the Latina Lifestyle Bloggers #vllblog Conference and Blogger Junket ROCKED more than any other first-time event in recent history. (This is maybe an exaggeration; but let me get on my celebratory soap-box for a paragraph or two).

Award-Winning Author Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez and Me!
Pixie Dust
Starting with our key-note speaker, the award-winning author Alisa Valdes, our workshop presenters didn't flinch one bit when I mentioned that no, there wouldn't be gold coins waiting for them in Vegas.

Instead, each and every one of workshop presenters and speakers, sponsors and SWAG bag doners, participated because either they believed in us, or wanted me to stop pestering them.  (I want to believe that they believed - so let's leave it at that!).

So with that, I am forever grateful to our amazing speakers for sharing their time and knowledge with us:

Alain Romero -
Antonio Vega -
Joanna Holden -
Kathy Crowley -
Lana Goldenberg -

Our Castle
No dream is complete without our pie-in-the-sky castle that is helps us dream like the sleeping beauties that we are (we ARE Lifestyle Bloggers, don't you forget that!).

Thankfully, our castle was a dream-come-true created by Hotelier and CEO of Tropicana Las Vegas, Alejandro Yemenidjian, a Latino himself.  

Together with their Knights in Shining Armor, AKA their sales team, our first Latina Lifestyle Blogger Conference received treatment fitting for a Queen!

Our Special Menu by El Segundo Sol
The Royal Celebrations
I am NOT kidding you in any way when I share that our conference had entertainment fitting for a Queen (or princess for those too young to remember the 80's!)!  

From a limo-ride to our first dinner at hosted at Buca di Beppo in Las Vegas, to a private tour of the Fashion Show Mall and Macy's Las Vegas, my friends were treated like the VIP's we are every time we mentioned we were members of the (now coveted) Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Group:

From menu's especially created for us from a couple of the yummiest restaurants in the city, including Bacio and El Segundo Sol; to front-row tickets to some of the top Las Vegas shows, including Thunder From Down Under, Human Nature and my personal favorite, Frank Marino Divas Las Vegas...

Our Dessert Platter especially prepared by Chef Carla Pellegrino at Bacio

Let's not forget the SWAG bags - yes, BAGS!  I am amazed at how amazing every one of our sponsors has been, including Sensa Weightloss Systems, Macy's, and the many others that contributed to making this event a success!

And this, my friends, is JUST an overview of all the fabulousness that our first weekend together was all about.
Thank you to our #vllblog Platinum Sponsor Sensa Weightloss
Get on on Magic Carpet
To those that didn't join us, I hate to tell you this, but you really missed out!  

There are NO words to describe the combined energy of the group and collective learning that was, bar-none, ahead of the crowd.

Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Getting the *Treatment* from Lancome Paris,
at our Gold SponsorMacy's

But, it doesn't stop there!! 

Right on the heel's of Las Vegas, we are already planning an amazing event in San Francisco that will also be open to Latino Lifestyle Bloggers!

So...what do you think about that?! 


  1. Congratulations, this group is indeed a grand accomplishment.

  2. What a beautiful account of how a dream becomes reality! Amazing!

  3. Thank you for being a part of it Vicky - it means the world to me :)

  4. Aww - thank you @BellaVida - it's because of members like YOU that we can do all the great things that help and inspire everyone :)

  5. All my friends have been asking me how Vegas was and when I tell them how amazing and wonderful it was the first question is how I can be a part of this!! I've even had to disappoint some of my non latina friends.

  6. YAH!! Have them fill-out the new member form here: to join our private FB group, and send them the link for the payment plans to start buying their ticket in anticipation of #sfllblog. I can't wait!


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