Compact Urban Living: A Way of Life

In my recent office, my Euro-staff (one former staffer was from Romania, the second from India by ways of London); was known to share that our agency was "more European than American" in our styling and lay-out.  Everything, and I mean everything, had at least two purposes.

I've always been a fan of European-style living and have adopted the "multipurpose furniture and space" motto as soon as I was on my own.  Personally, I have never been impressed by the very brash, and trash, of the sprawling "McMansion."

There isn't a single "colored wall" in my space, and I believe that everything can be repurposed once it's served it's original reason for being in our home.  Case in point: My college-era book-cases became closet storage shelves.

To me, Compact Urban Living, is not a trend; its a way of life that we can all adopt.

Not only is it a good use of space, it's good for the community and a way of adopting green living practices.

Thankfully, I am not alone.

Read today's home profile featured in the Los Angeles Times, and get inspired by the beautiful photos to learn more about Compact Urban Living.

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