Creating Memories

My mom likes to live in the past.  It gives her comfort and gives her a reason to smile.

You see, in the past my dad is young and very much alive, my grandma didn't have alzeihmers, and I was only a baby.

I'm sure that my parents went through plenty of rough patches, but they seem to be nothing in comparison to the happy memories my mother proudly shares with anyone that will listen.

One of my favorite stories is about my dad and her working together and sharing one car.

"We only had one car that had to be shared with two adults, one baby and three schedules," my mom is known to share.

As the American Dream materialized, the house rental turned into a home purchase, one baby multiplied to two, and the garage was now a home for two cars.

From a Caprice Classic, to a Ford Mustang, to one of our Favorite family cars: a Ford Bronco, my youth and teenage years are marked with many family trips and Sunday services with my entire family in tow.

By the end of the 70's, it was four kids, a pair of parents, and a grandma that was our second mom; and a car, turns out, was much more than transportation: it was a vehicle that helped us create family memories.

So imagine my delight when I was invited by Ford to join them for the 2012 North America International Auto Show!

Sure, I know nothing about horse-power, power-trains, or any other auto-specific term, but I know this much about cars: they can be beautifully designed machines that offer more than a mode of transportation.

Cars, the right car, makes you feel strong, safe, powerful, young and free.

Especially in Los Angeles, cars, and how you care for your car, is an outward and very public display of your personality.

Being in the company of hundreds of cars, if only for a few hours, gave me a reason to think about the cars in my garage:

"Hun, you are getting a new car!," I screamed at the other end of the phone a few hours after the new Ford Fusion 2013 made its North American debut.

"Oh, yah?" Hubby asked, "And what car am I getting?"

If you ask me, we are simply upgrading the 2011 model we have.  And why not?  Seems like the perfect vehicle to create new memories!

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