City Chic Boutique opens in Culver City

I met a young woman today, probably somewhere in her mid 20's, that chocked-up when sharing that she didn't have clothing options when she was in High School. "I had to buy maternity clothes to find something that FIT when I was a teenager," she told me. "But now we have options; and I am proud to help other women also feel good about themselves." She told me this as her beautiful full hips leaned against a counter.

Surrounded by trendy dresses, jumpers, skinny jeans, and lacy bra's, the chandelier light in the dressing room area gave the Brea-location City Chic manager's smile a beautiful sparkle as she stood in the middle of it all. She was standing in a dream-like dressing area that most plus size gals have never been fortunate enough to enjoy when shopping - until now.

This woman was shapely, curvy, and not that it mattered, but she was plus size as well. Her tall boots peeked from under her polka-dotted rockabilly dress that suited her personality perfectly. She stood tall, confident, and entirely too happy to be part of City Chic's management.

City Chic, is an Australian brand that most American plus-size shoppers have learned to love via their online site, is opening several stores in California; one of which being the store we were standing in: Westfield Culver City.
This was my favorite dress in the store. I found the quality to be well worth the $100+ price tag.
The City Chic Boutique is absolutely gorgeous and flows like a large closet. Salespeople are called "stylists," and trained to treat every body, size 14-22 (up-to 24 online), like fashionable models. While special-occasion dresses, well-constructed bra's, and trendy tops were displayed on hangers, not mannequins, in a style reminiscent of a high-end designer boutique.

With not a register in sight, I wondered if I was there to look, or shop...until the store manager brings out his iPad. "I can also order anything that we don't have in stock and ship it to you for free," he told me. I found out that the iPad also serves as a register.
I did take my time to look through the store...

If I was a yee-bit younger, I would have been in heaven - but being that I am over 40, I found that most clothes were made with a fashionable High School or College Gal in mind. Some, actually my favorite pieces, were perfect for a night out on a town.  Prices were moderate, ranging from $14 for lacy briefs to $169 for an evening dress.

Not to say that someone over 40 can't shop at City Chic - actually, I found that several dresses were super cute, contemporary, and appropriate, for a someone my age. While the tops, jackets and jeans, were perfect for a casual Friday option.

Even for those of us that have less constraints because of our casual lifestyle might find some of the outfits a bit, well, young.

I found that overall, City Chic is the store where my plus size friends will want to go to and find their next date-night outfit, Las Vegas weekend wear, and something that will make us ladies with larger thighs and hips feel beautiful...
I found the lingerie to be absolutely stunning.
City Chic officially opens on Friday, August 1st in Culver City, with five additional stores opening in other Southern California locations.  Both online and store shoppers will receive 25% off during opening weekend. Visit their website for more information and locations of their other stores:

Happy Shopping!


  1. What's cool about this is how they define S-M-L etc. I love it!


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